On this page you'll find a compilation of video lessons I did on Youtube. I hope you find some of them useful.

In this lesson I look at the Single Drag and show how it's applied in a jazz setting.




Taking a simple groove and moving it forward by a sixteenth note. Deceptively tricky little exercise.



Here are a couple transcriptions. The first is a classic Philly Jo Jones breaks and solo and you can get the PDF of the transcription  HERE



Now to one of my all time favourites Frankie Dunlop This great solo from a live recording with Monk's big band.

The written transcription is HERE




This  flam lesson is designed to keep your rhythmic interest as well as work those hands.



Here's a deceptively but very effective exercise to help develop hand/foot co-ordination. You can download the PDF HERE




We all have our own approach to brush playing. Here is a primer that will get you started.



This is more of a demo rather than a lesson.





 A snare drum solo based on sub-dividing your sixteenths into 5+5+6 that uses all the rudiments. This challenging solo has been published on many snare specialist sites as well as been used as exam solo for college entry.

You can download the PDF HERE


Here's a nice Max Roach exercise to help you move around the toms.




A series on the essential elements of jazz drumming.