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Great lesson really weel taught
Great videos. Thanks
hi nice website and you sound great...where can you buy the books? the book link was empty...thx
Really enjoying your videos- very informative, and I love your accent!
Hi Conor, love the new website. Wishing you continued success. All the best B
Video lessons are very well done! Excellent site Connor!!!
Nice website, smooth playing.
best of luck with it Conor, looks good,, but I'd expect nothing less from a player/teacher of your talent, ciao' amigo - Baggio....
Great website by a great drummer. The lessons and the tips for transcribing solos are very good. Thank you !
Thankyou so very much Conor , for all those lessons on youtube !! It's so inspiring and I gotta get that upcoming book of yours !
Nice site, very interesting lessons (even if I'm not a drummer !), keep up the good work !
Great site!! Transcriptions and lessons are a tremendous resource for aspiring drummers...even old ones. Thanks!!
Great website. Incredible sources for new ideas and methods. All the best for continued success as a player and educator.
Best Regards from Dale in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. ... just writing to say thanks for creating such a great site. very professional, and very helpful.
Thank you man! i see usefull information here. Greetings from israel.
Thanks for the great info here..Are you still posting stuff? ed
Thank Conor for your lessons and for give us the possibility of to can learn with a great master and better person.Your transcriptions and the rhythms are fantastic. I would greatly appreciate if you can to edit some transcripition for the TIMBA rhythm for drum set. sincerely yours
Great drummer, great teacher!
I love your videos, especially your solos.
Great web site! It looks very professional! Keep up the good work!
Greets from Japan . Really dug your Billy Higgins transcription video on Youtube . That lead me here . Now to explore the site ...Cheers ...
Great site. Ever had a go at transcribing the solo at end of Showcase Philly J Jones track Minor Mode? I love it's melodic qualities. Thanks Mel
very nice,your a top educator and super player,thank you so much .
Great site, thanks for the virtual help
Love your site!
Nice site. I will add your free stuff to my forum.
I just had a look at some Frankie Dunlop solos on youtube - by doing that, I accidental ended up on your videos (never heard about you before - don't know why, maybe you're underrated). Your Max Roach excercise is great.
Your passion for playing and teaching jazz is incredible. Any new jazz book in the future? Ciao from Genoa, Italy.
great teacher~guilfoyle i like your groove^^
great lessons man
Thank you so much for you GREATTTTTTT work with jazz solo!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hail from Russia
Looking forward to your new book
Was nice talking too you! This is a really great site, and you're an excellent drummer.. Perhaps we will meet in the future.. Cheers, Maurice
A great website. I know nothing about music but I know a genius when I hear one. Best wishes Brendan
Hi Conor Guilfoyle! I am very honored by your compliment! Thanks for the wonderful piece, I really enjoyed playing it! =o) -Jens Nielsen
i love both you and your brothers books, keep up the good work.........i look forward to your new book as well.
Hi Conor~ I'm a jazz drummer in Korea so, i'm not good at english now. This site is great~! Thank you for your lesson. God bless you~ bye~
I just thought I would have another look at your great site good luck and see you in May if not before. Best wishes Dave English
Just saw a youtube video of you with Dave Liebman and the Dublin Project in the Czech Republic. Really great. Great feel, textures.... wonderful. Sounded like what I remember "real" jazz sounding like long ago. Musicians with a fierce devotion to really express human soul at the highest level. Seems like a lot of jazz today is very blindingly technical and clever, which is cool and I enjoy, but you guys were just out there burnin' some real life humanity. You and Liebman.... Holy Cow!
Hi Conor, Congratulations on your great site,your playing and your generosity! I'm a pro drummer from Puerto Rico but my great love is jazz. I love F. Dunlop! soo..musical! I would love to send you some recordings I have been on. Please let me know if & how. All The Best, Gonzalo(Gonchi)
love your site. Hope to meet you at my PAS Day of Percussion. If you would advertise it on your site here is the info: PAS Day of Percussion. Park Avenue Hotel Belfast. Sunday 9 May 2010 1.30pm
Hi Conor I bought my first tabla set from you in 1995 ish. Just came across your website .... great site well done. I am still playing tabla and receive lessons from Swapan Chaudhuri. Thanks for the site Colm
I just found the site via your youtube vids, which I stumbled across whilst looking for 'Timba' rhythms. This site is really excellent - and thanks for providing the free transcripts and lessons. It is a little too advanced for me in places - I haven't mastered Latin in 4/4 yet, let alone 5 or 7, but I'm sure I'll be back for more. I really appreciated the solo transcriptions, keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.
Greetings from France. I wanted to thank you so much for sharing your experience as a musician drummer. Your lessons are great and I learnt a couple of things reading , watching and listening from your website. Thanks again. Patrick
Hey Conor! Greetings from Seattle. Delighted to have found your cool solo this morning on youtube while I was browsing Frankie Dunlop. You are a very fine player and I am always inspired and delighted to encounter a guy who is so enthusiastic about drums and has explored so vastly into the rich treasures of the field. And thank you for sharing so much of your findings and talent with the rest of us drum nuts out here! All the best, Don :>)
Hello Conor how are you? nice to listen and see you... I have to tell you that you are great drummer and amazing teacher and your transcriptions are fantastic god bless you my man take care... yogi www.coolooloosh.com from Israel you most welcom to visit...
Fantastic solo Conor. Great website too. There is a lot to learn from it. Thanks for putting it out there.
Checked out your website today and I want to say thank you for the wealth of information in your drum lessons section. Much of it is a little too advanced for my current level of playing but I am focusing on jazz music so I hope to work up to some of the stuff you talk about. Being able to see it and listen will be very helpful. Thanks again!
You have provided some fantastic transcriptions here, and seeing and hearing them played is truly inspiring ... Thanks Michael
Conor, you have a wonderful site here. Thank you for your insights. Hope to connect with you soon. Alternate email is thirdstone3@yahoo.com. Thanks. Paul